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Beauty and the Beast
On the F. Otto Haas Stage
November 26, 2014 - February 8, 2015  EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Meet two sisters: Cassandra, eager to experience life; and Belle, who is afraid of the world. After their father loses the family fortune, they leave London to start life anew. But nothing prepares them for what happens next. When Belle meets the Beast, she begins an adventure unlike any she could have imagined. From the team that created Arden’s Cinderella comes a bold new telling of this classic tale.

"If you want your child to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.""
-Albert Einstein

Best enjoyed by families with children 5 and older.

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A new version of the classic fairy tale unlike any you’ve seen before.

Critical Acclaim–

““…the Arden once again announces itself as the local spot for smart children's theater.”
–The Philadelphia Inquirer   [Read More]

“…a thoroughly captivating interpretation for children and adults alike.”
Beauty and the Beast is presented by a first-rate professional ensemble that portrays the archetypes with skill and clarity.”

–Phindie   [Read More]

“With great attention to detail, every aspect of design is noteworthy.”
–Beyond My Backyard   [Read More]

'Beauty and the Beast,' straight-up   –WHYY   [Read Review]

"The Arden’s got a totally rock solid reputation for their youth-oriented theatrical productions because they don’t skimp on the goods. There’s always high-end production, baffling technical prowess, ultra-professional acting performances and compelling storylines. And there was no shortage of those reputed cornerstones at Saturday’s opening-night performance."
“I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t enjoy their interpretation.”
“Cassandra wants the city, and Belle wants a book. Cassandra wants a silken dress, and Belle wants a rose. Their dynamic is one that sets Belle on a transformational journey to self-realization, one that’s a great lesson for kids to take in. Adults, too.”
“The beauty and magic that Arden’s production team has conjured is a thrill to behold.”
“[Matteo Scammell’s] physical acting instincts achieved that appropriate blend of menacing and sympathetic, dark and mysterious but stilll compelling.”
“And after every show, the cast answers a handful of questions from young audience members who ask, with tiny voices, “Why is Cassandra so mean?” and “Why does Beast eat his food like that?” And if that isn’t testimony to the magic of exposing kids to the stage—and creative imagination—as early as possible, I don’t know what is.”

–Philadelphia Weekly   [Read More]

“This is a show that not only children will be immersed in, but adults will love it too.”
“….a visually stunning production.”
“…a fine example of how wonderful and engaging live theatre can be for children and those of any age.”
“….a riveting production.”
“…one of the best children’s theatrical productions I have seen.”

–Theatre Sensation   [Read More]

“A masterpiece in innovation”
–South Jersey Local News   [Read More]

In the News–

Bringing 'Beauty and the Beast' into the shadows
–The Philadelphia Inquirer   [Read More]

Not the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ you remember on stage in Philadelphia
–Courier Post   [Read More]

We are proud to announce that Beauty and the Beast is Barrymore Recommended.
For more information about the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre and other Barrymore Recommended productions, visit

Theatre Philadelphia

Beauty and the Beast
Lauren Hooper (Cassandra)
E. Ashley Izard (The Housekeeper)
Emilie Krause (Belle)
Kevin Meehan (Daniel Knightly/Jan)
Matteo Scammell (The Beast)
Brian Anthony Wilson (George Godwin)

Scenic Designer
David P. Gordon
Costume Designer
Richard St. Clair
Lighting Designer
Brian Sidney Bembridge
Sound Designer
Rob Kaplowitz
Shadow and Object Designer
Sebastienne Mundheim/White Box Theatre
Assistant Director
Sam Tower
Stage Manager
Alec E. Ferrell

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