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On the F. Otto Haas Stage
March 5 - April 19, 2015

Fueled by ambition, Macbeth cuts a bloody path to power, spurred on by his wife, Lady Macbeth and a prophecy that he will be king. Before House of Cards and Game of Thrones there was Macbeth. One of Shakespeare’s most thrilling and beloved plays, Macbeth will mark the Arden directorial debut of Alexander Burns, an exciting young director acclaimed for his revelatory productions of Shakespeare at Quintessence Theatre and features Ian Merrill Peakes in the title role.

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“The highly accomplished Ian Merrill Peakes [is] one of the finest Shakespearean actors.”
–The Washington Post

Photos by Mark Garvin

Critical Acclaim–

“A riveting new production…”
“Ian Merrill Peakes is splendid in the title role”
“Paul Dennhardt’s fight choreography is a knockout”
“Director Alexander Burns… has put together a spectacular design team”
“The Macbeth’s are the ultimate power couple, making Netflix’s House of Cards look like child’s play”

–The Philadelphia Inquirer   [Read More]

“…terrific visuals…”
“All of the company handles the verse with skill, and the language and meaning are clearly articulated.”
“Ian Merrill Peakes as Macbeth brings life and specificity to the text. … it’s a performance rich in detail.”
“The storytelling is clear, the stage pictures often striking.”

–City Paper

N.J. actor puts his stamp on 'Macbeth'
–The Intelligencer   [Read More]

"This is drama that leaps off the page under the direction of Alexander Burns with the help of an exceptional design team”
“Ian Merrill Peakes…is superb”
“…surely one of the smash hits of the season"

–Beyond My Backyard   [Read More]

‘Macbeth’ at the Arden: The couple that preys together…"
–Broad Street Review   [Read More]

“The facile and forceful Ian Merrill Peakes, in his 19th Arden production, is the nuanced Macbeth of your dreams…”
“…Everyone's top-notch…”
"Macbeth never lags – Burns packs all the essentials into two hours"

–Shapiro on Theater   [Read More]

Macbeth…makes an impact on the audience and delivers an exceptional evening of theatre.”
“… bold, incredibly performed and undoubtedly brilliant.”
“… unlike any other production of Macbeth I have seen before.”
“… a stunning production and one you would be sorry for missing.”
“ Peakes is exceptional and captivating.”
“Do not miss this exciting production…”

–Theatre Sensation   [Read More]

“Arden Theatre Co.’s current production of “the Scottish play,” excellently directed by Alexander Burns, however, is anything but cursed."
"Ian Merrill Peakes delivers a commanding performance as Macbeth."
"Judith Lightfoot Clarke is terrific as Lady Macbeth."
"Fight choreography, by Paul Dennhardt, was outstanding.”

–Delaware County News   [Read More]

“…a big and bold production…”
“…top notch design…”
“Paul Dennhardt's fight choreography is pretty darn thrilling…”
“Peakes plays both sides of Macbeth's personality with uncommon force.”
“Clarke's Lady Macbeth also commands the stage—she's a good match for Peakes in energy and intensity (and their low, smoky voices are a good match, too).”
“…an excellent, exciting take on Macbeth–well-designed, well-directed and well-acted.”

–Talkin' Broadway   [Read More]

Clarke & Peakes as the plotting Macbeths
–Alternatetakes2   [Read More]

“Burns clearly has a firm grasp of Shakespeare's text.”
“…one of Burns' more apparent strengths is using the special effects of the modern theater to augment Shakespeare's text.”
“Peakes gives an excellent performance.”

–   [Read More]

In the News–

Specialist makes sure 'Macbeth' gets the violence just right
–Philadelphia Daily News   [Read More]

Mt. Airy director stirs up toil and trouble at Arden
–Chestnut Hill Local   [Read More]

Merchantville actor stars in a gothic 'Macbeth'
–Courier-Post   [Read More]

We are proud to announce that Macbeth is Barrymore Recommended.
For more information about the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre and other Barrymore Recommended productions, visit

Theatre Philadelphia

Ian Bedford (Angus)
Sean Bradley (Donalbain / Seyton)
Josh Carpenter (Malcolm)
Judith Lightfoot Clarke (Lady Macbeth)
Carl Clemons-Hopkins (Ross)
Ben Dibble (Banquo / Doctor)
Yannick Haynes (Fleance / Son of Macduff)
E. Ashley Izard (Witch / Gentlewoman)
Aime Donna Kelly (Witch / Lady Macduff)
Terence MacSweeny (Macduff)
Christopher Patrick Mullen (Duncan / Old Siward / Hecate / Porter)
Ian Merrill Peakes (Macbeth)
Jahzeer Terrell (Lennox)
Mary Tuomanen (Witch / Young Siward)

Scenic Designer
Brian Sidney Bembridge
Costume Designer
Rosemarie E. McKelvey
Lighting Designer
Solomon Weisbard
Sound Designer
James Sugg
Fight Director
Paul Dennhardt
Stage Manager
Alec E. Ferrell

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