Thank you to all who have donated
to the Hamilton Family Arts Center Campaign

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Honorable Tom Corbett Governor
Dorrance H. Hamilton and the Hamilton Family
Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran

$100,000 to $500,000
The 1976 Foundation
Virginia Brown Martin Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation
Connelly Foundation
Harmelin Media
Nancy and Alan Hirsig
Independence Foundation
June and Steve Wolfson Family Foundation
Smith Family
Wyncote Foundation, at the recommendation of Leonard C. Haas

$50,000 to $99,999
The Arcadia Foundation
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, as recommended by Linda and David Glickstein
Elizabeth H. Gemmill
The Kresge Foundation
Drs. Robin and Saifuddin Mama
The Victory Foundation

$15,000 to $49,999
John Alchin and Hal Marryatt
Lois G. Brodsky
The CHG Charitable Trust
Bob and Nancy Elfant
Shannon and Ted Farmer
Ellen and Tim Foster
Christina and David Fryman
Ellis K. Ginsberg
Alta and N. Peter Hamilton
William A. Loeb
The McLean Contributionship
Amy L. Murphy and Terrence J. Nolen
Tom Petro and Kris Messner
Charles and Dr. Mindy Goldberg Rose
Lee and Christopher van de Velde

$10,000 to $14,999
Mr. Frederick W. Anton, III
R. Kent and Susan Cadwalader
Mimi Calter and Phil Eager
Joy De Jesús and Jamie Reynolds
Michael A. Donato
Shafiq K. Ebrahim
Jeanne B. Fisher Family
Glatfelter Family Foundation
Ronna and Bob Hall
Barbara and Leslie Kaplan
The Brook J. Lenfest Foundation
Susan G. Jacobson and Michael Golden
Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Arts Education Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation
Holly Kinser
Richard Maimon and Susan Segal
Don and Barbara Matheson
Andrea Mengel and George Ritter
Peggy and Steve Morgan
Dorothy R. Novick and Peter N. Kenney
Mr. and Mrs. Archbold D. van Beuren
The Zeldin Family Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999
Best Buy
Brian Abernathy and Elizabeth Ireland
Bethany Asplundh
Sally and Michael Bailin
Ivy Bayard
John Bitman
Jean G. Bodine
Nancy Burd and Mel Nasielski
Anne M. Congdon and Don LaRossa
Don Haskin and Lynn Martin Haskin
Eileen Heisman and Martin Tuzman
Josephine Klein
Michael and Ellen Mulroney
Harvey B. Swedloff
Ted and Stevie Wolf
Richard E. Woosnam and Diane Dalto Woosnam

$2,500 to $4,999
Arden Professional Apprentice Alumni
Aqua Charitable Trust
Jessica Calter and Michael Fenton
James R. Fairburn
Emma Harmelin, Finn Peveto, Becket Peveto, Harper Peveto
Jane and Steve Heumann
Caroline R. Kemmerer
James Kronzer
Ruth and Peter Laibson
Lee Marks and Lisl Zach
John McCawley
Bob Moul
In memory of Diane Dawson Mullin
Michael Norris and Matt Varrato
Kurt and Mary-Ann Reiss
Rittenhouse Square Flower Market for Children's Charities
Laura and Ron Siena
Smith Family
Kathleen A. Stephenson
Duncan, Calum and Anne Urquhart

$1,000 to $2,499
Sophia Abigail and Talia Bennet
Chloe Lynne Ball
Sheryl and Allen Bar
Tom and Carol Beam
Sandy and Mickey Bernstein
Benjamin and Libby Blank
Louis Bluver
Almut Breazeale
Michael Buckley
Tom Burke and Rick Fountas
Cheryl and Bob Carfagno
Carol and Bruce Caswell
In memory of Garen Andrew Close
Helene and Steve Cohen
Anne Cook and Russ Troyer
The Decker Family
Julie and David Eisenhower
Jane and Wally Evans
Nancy and John Fischer
Sandi Foxx-Jones
Krissy Fraelich and Nick Hunchak
George and Pooh Gephart, Jr.
Dr. Anna C. Giacalone and Kenneth E. Gottschaldt
Genvieve Goldstein and Clete Shields
Michael Hollinger and Megan Bellwoar
Kenneth and Elaine Kirby
Winnie and Eric Lien
Ansel and Lupine
Nina Patel
Amy and David Pollack
Joel and Bobbie Porter
Karen and David Pressel
Dolly Beechman Schnall in memory of Laurie Beechman
Schultz & Williams
In memory of Robert R. and Kathleen K. Sine
Carleene and David Slowik
Anne Speyer
Kathleen A. Stephenson
Stewart Family
Joyce Ann Swoyer
Justin Thomas
Rosalyn and Stephen Weinstein
M. Jane Williams
Carol and Jeff Yetter

$500 to $999
George Ahern
Bob Dever
Richard R. and Gladys Happy Fernandez
Paula Fuchsberg
Charles Gear
Alice Reyes and David Glancey
Lawrence and Susan Goren, MD
Robert and Janet Goren, MD
Jessica Hamilton
In Honor of Peter and Alta Hamilton
Bob and Mary Lawler
Carol Ann O’Leary
Betsy Oliphant
Ann Pinto McCarney
John and Claire Rodgers
Faye and Dan Ross
Brian Seaman
Mike Salmanson and Toby Zemsky
Sharon and Hal Schwalm
Brian Seaman
Dick and Amanda Smoot
Adelaide Sugarman and Marshall Greenberg
Robert and Susan Tafel
Thomas and Jackie Zemaitis
Joe and Renee Zuritsky

$250 to $499
Anonymous (3)
Richard and Joan Behr
Sheila Bell
Jane Biberman
Caroline Castasgno
Barbara Cobb
Jon and Ella Edwards
Taylor and Pam Fernley
David and Mary Jane Hackney
Ann and Glen Haig
John Hogenesch and Teresa Reyes
David and Beth Medoway Kagan
George F. Koch, Jr.
Norma and Bea Leopold
Steven and Marcia Lerner
John and Martha Lubell
Andrea Missias and Robert Manning
Ben, Courtney and Charley Martin
Anne McHugh
Gloria McNutt
Linda H. Traver Neeld
Clifford H. and Ellen B. Pemberton
F. Laurence and Mary B. Pethick
John and Lisa Pitney
Alan Reinach and Dana Perlman
Daniel Promislo
Erin Read
Alan Reinach and Dana Perlman
Joseph Robinette
Linda Robinson and Peter Krill
Dulcie P. Romm
Jane Scaccetti
Bobbie and Al Schmidt
William and Mary Simpson
Paul Stone
Keith and Linda Thompson
Harold Selwyn and Judith Shadden Torrance
Thomas and Susan Walther
Barbara Watson
Angela DuRoss Winterrowd and Michael Winterrowd
William and Mary Wood, Jr.

$100 to $249
Anonymous (2)
Harry Bambrick
Ronald Baron
Jane Beatty
Barbara A. Bell
Sidney Beshunsky
Charlotte Biddle
Thomas Blackburn
Benjamin and Libby Blank
Ruth and James Bock
Dr. Bernard and Pamela Brownstein
Sandra J. and Jean Marc Choukroun
Judy Cohen
In honor of William and Esther Cohen
Howard and Barbara Cohen
Jeffrey Coon
Alan and Sara Crimm
Daniel Dagle
Nancy DeLucia
Stephanie and James Deviney
Carol A. Domb
Donald and Geraldine Duclow
Leonard and Helen Evelev
Paul and Judith Farber
Donald Friedman
Paul and Susan Friedman
Mark Garvin
John and Sandra Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. William Goldman
Kathleen Greenacre
Marlane and Harvey Guttman
Dona and Curt Haltiwanger
Lynn and Steven Harley
Sandi Karlson
Ellen and Robert Kavash
Stephen and Patricia King
Kenneth Kline
Marilyn and David Kraut
Richard Lee
Donald and Judith Love
Michael and Judith Marcus
Mary Martin
George and Judith McCarthy
Sylvia McKinney
Marianne T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller
Jane Penland Meyerhoff
R.E. Polsky
Ilene Blitzstein Poses
John and Anne Poulin
Barbara Price
Diane and David Richman
Louise and Francoise Rollman
Dr. Harry Rosenthal
Edwin and Sally Rosenthol
Christine Rouse
Peter Ryker
Irwin C. and Carole M. Saft
Suzanne Schilling
Susan Schweitzer
Robert and Mary Ellen Scott
Helen and Mary Rita Sheldon
Neil and Cheryl Shusterman
Paul Siegel
Mrs. Shirley Sivitz
Bruce and Ellen Sotland
Ruth and David Steinman
Catherine Stock
Michael and Marianna Sullivan, III
Daniel Szyld and Kathleen Ross
Donald and Nancy Todd
Marvin and Leila Verman
Perry Watts and Samuel Litwin
Marc and Judith Wertheimer
Peter and Theresa Williams
Sally Wojcik

$99 and under
Susan Albert
Evelyn Alloy
Nancy Anderson
Karen Armstrong
Marcia Baker
Carol Barnosky
Ruth and David Berman
Roger and Erika Berquist
Anita and Ron Bihovsky
Carol Buettger
Jack R. Butler
Mary and Frank Calter
Pearl Carpel
Christine Cayer
Elaine Charendoff
Barbara Ciesla
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen, Esq.
Warren and Ellen Cohen
Mike and Dorothy Cooper
Elizabeth Corman
Barbara Cortese
Elaine Daniele
Thomas Davis
Miriam and Samuel Diamond
Nancy Dilcher
Murray Dubin and Libby Rosof
Jerry Ehrlich
Marcia Feinstein
Charles A. Gaglia
Beverly Gast
Blossom Gica
Teresa Giuliana
Peggy Glover
Edward Green
Robert and Rosalyn Gross
David and Carolyn Rowe Hale
Gail and Henry Hauptfuhrer
Beverly Hayden
Leigh Ann Hewston
Daniel and Monica Hilferty
William and Margaret Hill
William and Lisa Hoffman
Valerie Jones
Doris Kalan
Nihad Kaiseruddin and Syed Afzal
Thomas and Barbara Kane
Alan and Elaine Klawans
Harold and Maris Kobb
Jerry and Deena Koffler
Frieda Lefeber
Judd Levingston and Hillary Kruger
G. Alan and Laura G. Libove
Pam Marshall Family
Vincent Massimiano
Aaron and Joann Oseroff
Steve Pacek
Dr. and Mrs. A.R. Polis
Francis and Patricia Preston
Carol and John Rauch
Ann D. Repplier
Gary Risler
Maxine Rosen
Helene Rosenman
Lynn Maree Ross
Mark Sandberg
Karen Schermerhorn and Evan Seymour
Karyn Scher
George and Cathy Schuler
Ruth Segal
John and Leslie Slatterly
Richard Smith
Vivienne and Herbert Spector
Paula Spielberg
Nicholas Spennato
Paula Spielberg
Jerry and Joyce Stein
Charles Tarr and Roy Ziegler
Edward and Carolyn Tyndall in honor of Tyndall Edward
Joan Violante
Robin Vogel
Harold Weiner
Lydia Winderman
Nancy Wood
George Zolot

There is still time to join the campaign! To make a donation visit or call 215.922.8900.